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 The Knights Templar

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Fata di Avalon
Fata di Avalon

Messaggi : 1613
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Località : Canada

MessaggioTitolo: The Knights Templar   Gio Dic 09, 2010 11:01 pm

The Knights of the Temple of Solomon or the Knights Templar are a famous part of the history of the Crusades…

“The forces that motivate human beings are the same today as they were five thousand years ago: fear, greed, love, hate, jealousy.
Hmm, wait a minute; aren’t those the same emotions the two stone tablets speak of in the Ark of the Covenant?
I laughed when I came across historians who claimed the Knights Templar found the Holy Grail in the mound of a Jewish temple in the heart of Jerusalem and made off with it to England. What on earth would a relic from Jesus’ last supper be doing in a Jewish temple anyway, considering that the high priests of that temple banned Jesus from it,…

Does St. Croix Island hold the key to a mysterious missing holy relic? St. Croix’s seemingly innocent past has roots reaching back to pre-first Crusades Jerusalem.
Next to King Solomon’s Temple to be exact.
What’s the connection? Could this lost link lead to the greatest discovery of our time?

In 1119 , Hugues de Payen a nobleman from Champagne, France, became the first recognized leader of the Templar, with a mere eight members. Within the same year , they formally became known as the Knights Templar. They were recognized a decade later at the Council of Troyes and endorsed by the Pope in 1029. I suggest that De Payen was most likely an influential member within the Knights Hospitaller prior to becoming the leader….
He then proposed to aid in the protection of pilgrims, a function that had already been sanctioned to the Knights Hospitaller.
History would have us believe that the Knights of Malta and the Knights Templar were separate monastic orders, when in fact they were one big, happy god-fearing family.
My conclusion is that the Templar branched off from the Knights Hospitallers/Order of St. John /Malta in the year 1119.
It is interesting and important to note the Aragon/Castile royalty and Knights of Malta connections . Charles I &V King of Aragon/Spain and Italy was also once a Knight of Malta.
Of course, nothing in this world came free, and the Knights were granted the island on one condition: every year, on All Saint’s Day they paid a symbolic homage of one falcon to the King of Aragon/Spain. Thus the classic Maltese Falcon was born. This was possibly a small fee to pay for such a grand gift from the King…

Did the Malta have access to Columbus’s maps? Although I couldn’t find any documentation , by where they went, we can speculate that they did…
Why would you purchase a worthless island? What could be gained by an island void of all its resources? More important, why is there absolutely no public record of this transaction? In fact , the archives located in Europe hardly mention the Knights activities in the Caribbean.
It was as if this never happened.
The Malta headquarters where Grandmaster Lascaris ruled the Knights kept detailed records for hundreds of years. How could this epic journey not be recorded as an important event in their archives?
I think, I know why, and I think you will find this astonishing. I discovered a rift in time, a history running in separate parallels , one in Europe and the other in the Caribbean Islands.
And they about to collide, head on!
What we have here is the smoking gun, and it couldn’t be more evident by the actions of Lascaris to ensure suppression of the Knights activities in the Caribbean.

The Knights Templar ( Templar = Fearless of None), everything about them, from inception to dissolution , is shrouded in a veil of secrecy. They participated in nearly every crusade and it was during this time they gained their mythical status over all other European monastic. They were respected by the populace of all nations, royalty, and even the Vatican. Many historians write about the vast riches and power the Templar acquired during their relatively short and mysterious reign. “

( Book: The St. Croix Ark by JP Noel)

“ If I could only show you what I have seen; then I will have done my job” - JP Noel

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L' Oste
L' Oste

Messaggi : 782
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Località : Siracusa, Sicilia

MessaggioTitolo: Re: The Knights Templar   Gio Dic 09, 2010 11:06 pm

Post perfetto: una storia interessante (io adoro i cavalieri templari!), immagini mozzafiato e la scrupolosa citazione delle fonti! Brava Michaela: ottimo lavoro! cheers


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Fata di Avalon
Fata di Avalon

Messaggi : 1613
Punti : 2345
Rinomanza dei post : 62
Data d'iscrizione : 10.11.10
Località : Canada

MessaggioTitolo: Re: The Knights Templar   Gio Dic 09, 2010 11:40 pm

Thank you AleTheElf. I adore the Knights Templar, too. I read a lot of stories about them and I am really impressed about their mysterious lifes during that time period. study
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: The Knights Templar   

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The Knights Templar
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