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Un'accogliente Taverna silvestre per discutere di Natura, Medioevo, Celti e Fantasy!
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 Oliver Shanti and Friends~Nuuz el Ab~

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MessaggioOggetto: Oliver Shanti and Friends~Nuuz el Ab~    Ven Nov 25, 2011 6:00 pm

Inspired by the legends, the princess went to fight the animal… She was more than right a monster, it was a principle… In way or d' other, c' was even a very ordinary lifestyle, a labyrinth of voracity faces infinite, a gallery to pretend the masks which explained in the great detail creation, the significance of l' existence, l' obedience vis-a-vis the magic. C' was a thing which pushed its roots deeply in the same abysses of l' human heart at the point that one becoming with being very. Is l' obedience what the animal wanted, not death.

She promised l' immortality and great rewards with those which followed its rules, so much much… The people were temples of building for the thing qu' it n' was not what seemed it. With them it appeared in the form of beauty, the reason, promise of hello… He taught even the significance of l' to them; love… But the princess s' is felt different from all other human beings. She refused the way of life d' automat qu' they practised, turned him again with l' unjust and compromises, according to its own manner.
The animal knew it could not be demolished but it also knew qu' it n' had any obvious chance of success. Finally it appeared with it and indicated: " ; You n' have any chance. I give the renewal, am to you only one toy in my hand! I could crush you with same a soft blow of my breath and then you will be nothing but the bones and dust for l' eternity! What a damage for a nice and innocent girl you like! " ; The princess said: " ; I know. And c' is why I defy you. The destruction of me would prove only your limitation, your failure by convainquant me of your so-called good intentions. What will be never because you are a fake, a sadistic illusion. The innumerable hearts fall for your subtle towers but you know that I not, no matter the price. You order destinies but I am not any more one destiny. I' ; m died for the past in any event and died to him for me. I don' ; care of T about your eternity nor of your paradises have the price indicated heavy.
J' found my clean call and you true to know what? I' ; m happy that even you, l' omniscient, aren' ; T able to see with l' interior of me and to find that! C' is a kind of research d' a twin heart, a d' kind; love which you will never include/understand. C' is my only happiness, my true sky. C' is my victory and c' is your defeat! " ; The animal remained quiet while the girl walked far. Could it be? A new d' kind; love, one that nobody n' knew? One which n' was not applied like destiny or program? But how? ? ? … Where the princess wanders now, c' is unknown. L' unknown remains the fact if it found its prince. It n' do not import the result. C' is the rhytm leaf different and completely single of heart which astonished even l' existence itself which imports…

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Oliver Shanti and Friends~Nuuz el Ab~
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