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 Shaun-Mor legend

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Fata di Avalon
Fata di Avalon

Messaggi : 1613
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Data d'iscrizione : 10.11.10
Località : Canada

MessaggioTitolo: Shaun-Mor legend   Dom Gen 23, 2011 1:27 am


The islanders believe firmly in the existence of fairies who live in the caves by the sea—little men about the height of a sod of turf, who come out of the fissures of the rocks and are bright and merry, wearing green jackets and red caps, and ready enough to help any one they like, though often very malicious if offended or insulted.
There was an old man on the island called Shaun-Mor, who said that he had often travelled at night with the little men and carried their sacks for them; and in return they gave him strange fairy gifts and taught him the secret of power, so that he could always triumph over his enemies; and even as to the fairies, he was as wise as any of them, and could fight half a dozen of them together if he were so minded, and pitch them into the sea or strangle them with seaweed. So the fairies were angered at his pride and presumption, and determined to do him a malicious turn, just to amuse themselves when they were up for fun. So one night when he was returning home, he suddenly saw a great river between him and his house.

"How shall I get across now?" he cried aloud; and immediately an eagle came up to him.
"Don't cry, Shaun-Mor," said the eagle, "but get on my back and I'll carry you safely."
So Shaun-Mor mounted, and they flew right up ever so high, till at last the eagle tumbled him off by the side of a great mountain in a place he had never seen before.
"This is a bad trick you have played me," said Shaun; "tell me where I am now?"
"You are in the moon," said the eagle, "and get down the best way you can, for now I must be off; so good-bye. Mind you don't fall off the edge. Good-bye," and with that the eagle disappeared.
Just then a cleft in the rock opened, and out came a man as pale as the dead with a reaping-hook in his hand.
"What brings you here?" said he. "Only the dead come here," and he looked fixedly at Shaun-Mor so that he trembled like one already dying.
"O your worship," he said, "I live far from here. Tell me how I am to get down, and help me I beseech you."
"Ay, that I will," said the pale-faced man. "Here is the help I give you," and with that he gave him a blow with the reaping-hook which tumbled Shaun right over the edge of the moon; and he fell and fell ever so far till luckily he came in the midst of a flock of geese, and the old gander that was leading stopped and eyed him.

"What are you doing here, Shaun-Mor?" said he, "for I know you well. I've often seen you down in Shark. What will your wife say when she hears of your being out so late at night, wandering about in this way. It is very disreputable, and no well brought up gander would do the like, much less a man; I am ashamed of you, Shaun-Mor."
"O your honour," said the poor man, "it is an evil turn of the evil witches, for they have done all this; but let me just get up on your back, and if your honour brings me safe to my own house I shall be for ever grateful to every goose and gander in the world as long as I live."
"Well then, get up on my back," said the bird, fluttering its wings with a great clatter over Shaun; but he couldn't manage at all to get on its back, so he caught hold of one leg, and he and the gander went down and down till they came to the sea.
"Now let go," said the gander, "and find your way home the best way you can, for I have lost a great deal of time with you already, and must be away;" and he shook off Shaun-Mor, who dropped plump down into the sea, and when he was almost dead a great whale came sailing by, and flapped him all over with its fins. He knew no more till he opened his eyes lying on the grass in his own field by a great stone, and his wife was standing over him drenching him with a great pail of water, and flapping his face with her apron.
And then he told his wife the whole story, which he said was true as gospel, but I don't think she believed a word of it, though she was afraid to let on the like to Shaun-Mor, who affirms to this day that it was all the work of the fairies, though wicked people might laugh and jeer and say he was drunk.

By Lady Francesca Wilde
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Aiutante Taverniere
Aiutante Taverniere

Messaggi : 311
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Località : Foreste e Boschi antichi...

MessaggioTitolo: Re: Shaun-Mor legend   Dom Gen 23, 2011 9:45 pm

Non conoscevo questa leggenda... Essa è molto affascinante, come tutto ciò che riguarda il mondo delle fate... cheers
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Fata di Avalon
Fata di Avalon

Messaggi : 1613
Punti : 2345
Rinomanza dei post : 62
Data d'iscrizione : 10.11.10
Località : Canada

MessaggioTitolo: Re: Shaun-Mor legend   Dom Gen 23, 2011 10:47 pm

Thank you. I'm glad that you liked it.
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MessaggioTitolo: Re: Shaun-Mor legend   

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Shaun-Mor legend
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